Wearing a Sweater With a Blazer is a More Flexible Look Than You Think

Here's how to get it right.

Blazers are typically considered formal clothing. But they also go with a wide variety of outfits depending on the type of blazer you choose and what you wear with it.

One way to go for a more casual look is to pair a sweater with a blazer. This is a look that will take you from the office to the bar and anywhere in between. As someone who doesn’t need a wear a suit for work, it’s a look I wear all the time.

It’s a practical look too. The combination is perfect for those spring and fall days when you need a little extra warmth but don’t want to wear a full coat.

The key to getting the outfit right is choosing the right kind of blazer. You don’t necessarily just want to grab one from your best suit. Look for those that are designed with a more casual look in mind. This could be due to a more relaxed fit, an unusual material that you wouldn’t normally wear with a suit, or a color that stands out.

In this article, we’ll look at 8 of my favorite ways to pair a sweater with a blazer.

8 Stylish Sweater and Blazer Outfits

Blazer with Sweater and Jeans

Navy Sweater Grey Blazer Black Jeans
The Brdwlk

Wearing a blazer with jeans and a sweater is my favorite look. It’s easy to pull off and will help you help in most business casual settings, especially if you wear darker jeans and a smart sweater. In the above picture, I kept the outfit casual with some white sneakers, but you could just as easily wear the jeans with dress shoes.

Blazer With a Hoodie

Hoodie Blazer

Blazers and hoodies are two pieces that on paper absolutely should not go together, but in some mysterious circumstances can actually work.

The first thing you must do is get the fit right. Your blazer needs to be roomy enough so that you can fit it over a hoodie. And you should avoid hoodies that are too loose or oversized as all that extra material could end up looking scruffy.

Then you need to make sure your colors work. The gray blazer and off-white hoodie combination in the image above looks fantastic, but the exact hoodie color you choose will depend on your blazer.

The hoody in the image above is tucked in which can work but isn’t necessary. I would make sure that your hoodie isn’t longer than your blazer, however.

Blazer With a Shirt and Chinos (or Slacks)

Beige Chinos Navy Blazer Jumper
The Brdwlk

If you’re after a more formal outfit than the one above, consider wearing a collared shirt under your sweater and finishing the look off with chinos or slacks. I wore sneakers in the image above, but dress shoes would ensure the whole outfit sticks to the more formal vibe.

With this kind of outfit, you can wear a more formal style blazer, like the navy one in the image.

With a Turtneck and Slacks

Gray Blazer Trousers Brown Turtleneck
Trust “Tru” Katsande via Unsplash

Wearing a turtleneck under a blazer is a super-suave look. Choose a fine-knit turtleneck in a color that goes well with your blazer. You can wear this with whatever type of pants you want. Choose jeans for a casual look or slacks for a smarter one.

Blazer with a Sweater and a Cardigan

Wearing a cardigan with a blazer adds another layer of warmth to the outfit. It gives similar vibes to when you wear a waistcoat, by adding another layer of depth to the look.

Just be sure that your blazer has enough room for all these layers or it will end up being uncomfortable and looking lumpy.

Blazer with a V-Neck

Red Blazer Pattern Sweater

V-Neck sweaters are typically smarter than their crew-neck cousins. They also allow you to put some of your outfit’s focus on your shirt. You could even wear a tie with it.

On another note, I love the bright colors in the above sweater and blazer combination. It’s a look that might not work so well with a dress shirt.

Sweater With an Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazer turtleneck

Wearing a blazer with a more casual outfit gives you more opportunities to experiment with the fit of your blazer. An oversized piece is an easy way to make your outfit look more interesting.

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