The Irishman Sunglasses are as Timelessly Stylish as the Actors Themselves

Put these on your buy list.

As you’d expect from a bunch of old school mob bosses, the characters in The Irishman dress sharp. This aesthetic seeps into the sunglasses choices and the film at times appears to act as a homage to classic styles of eyewear.

The pick of the shades is Joe Pesci’s lightly tinted wayfarer-style frame. However, Harvey Keitel’s Clubmasters, and a couple of pairs from Stephen Graham are also well worth looking at.

Here are our favorite sunglasses in The Irishman.

Sunglasses Worn by Joe Pesci as Russel Buffalino


Joe Pesci’s Russel Buffalino wears oversized wayfarer-style sunglasses with a thick black rim and a gradient tint. The good news is the fairly common shape and the black frame means it’s pretty easy to find a good match. Here are some of our favorites.

RetroSuperFuture has confirmed on its Instagram account that Pesci wears its Classic black frame. However, Pesci seems to have customized the shades with lighter lenses than the ones available on the website. Buy them here.

The Ray-Ban Justin is a similar shape to the ones Joe Pesci wears and can be bought with a black frame and grey gradient lens making them a great fit.

View Ray-Ban Justin on Amazon

The Sunglasses Worn by Harvey Keitel as Angelo Bruno


Harvey Keitel’s Angelo Bruno wears a pair of glasses with a black plastic brow and a metal rim. This is a style of frame also worn throughout by Ray Romano’s lawyer Bill Buffalino. Like Joe Pesci’s sunglasses above, the frames come in a basic black color scheme although Harvey Keitel’s glasses have slightly darker lens.

The closest match we have been able to find is the Persol PO3199s in black. We think these best fit the shape around the temples and bridge. Ray-Ban Clubmasters are another very similar pair of glasses and also a bit cheaper than the Persol ones.

View Ray-Ban Clubmasters on Amazon

The Sunglasses Worn by Stephen Graham as Anthony Provenzano


Stephen Graham brings some Florida charm to the movie and as such his sunglasses are less formal than the ones worn by the other characters. At one point he wears a pair of Wayfarer style glasses in tortoiseshell, while in another scene he wears a pair of Havana aviators.

For the sunglasses Stephen Graham wears in the golf scene it’s hard to look beyond Ray-Ban Wayfarers which have both a similar color and shape.

For the Havana Aviators, the Ray-Ban Cats 5000 is a very good fit in terms of both shape and lens color. The Warby Parker Hatcher is another good choice at a lower price point, albeit the shape is slightly different and the lens color isn’t correct.

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