The King of Staten Island Sunglasses are Slacker Simplicity

In the King of Staten Island Scott Carlin’s (Pete Davidson) style is full-on slacker. This means baggy skate trousers, Vans trainers, oversized shirts, and plenty of tattoos. It’s a look we love to see and one that goes really well with sunglasses.

Pete Davidson wears two pairs of sunglasses in The King of Staten Island. One is a black d-frame, wayfarer-style pair of shades and that’s what we’ll focus this article on. You can see them in the Instagram post below.

Unfortunately, there is no obvious branding on the sunglasses beyond the two dots on the hinge. This makes it hard to identify the exact pair.

However, there are plenty of brands that make similar pairs. The Warby Parker Harris in a Jet Black colorway is a good alternative at an accessible price point. Ray-Ban Wayfarers cost slightly more but are perhaps the most well-known version of the shape.

Check out Warby Parker Harris on

Check out Ray-Ban Wayfarer on

Do you know the exact pair of sunglasses (or suggestions) Pete Davidson wears in The King of Staten Island? Let us know in the comments if so.

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