The Wolf of Wall Street Sunglasses Scream Money and Success

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The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most stylish films of the last few years. In amongst all the corruption and excess is a seriously cool 80’s wardrobe full of sharp tailoring, power ties, and slick haircuts. The sunglasses in The Wolf of Wall Street also really stand out; particularly the Ray-Bans worn by Leonardo DiCaprio and the two-tone aviators worn by Jonah Hill.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ray-Ban 4147

Leonardo DiCaprio Ray-Bans in The Wolf of Wall Street
Paramount Pictures

The highlight of The Wolf of Wall Street from a sunglasses perspective is the Ray-Ban 4147 (above) worn by Leonardo DiCaprio during a yacht scene.

Despite coming at a time in the movie when everything is beginning to go wrong for Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio still manages to look like he’s holding everything together by coming up with what is perhaps the wardrobe highlight of the movie.

He pairs the tortoiseshell glasses, which look kinda like a slightly oversized pair of Wayfarers, with a pastel-pink suit with huge collars. It’s a look you need a certain swagger to pull-off; luckily DiCaprio (and Belfort) have that in spades.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban 4147 isn’t the only Ray-Ban DiCaprio wears. In an earlier scene, he combines a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers (one of our favorites) with a crisp white Ralph Lauren polo-shirt for a look that on paper appears quite simple, but on the big screen still manages to ooze wealth and success (pictured above).

While we often associate Wayfarers with a more disheveled rock-star look, the sharp angles and metal detailing on the hinges fit right in with Leo’s yuppie-chic outfit; once again proving that Wayfarers are one of the most adaptable styles of glasses out there.

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Jonah Hill’s Two-Tone Aviators

Paramount Pictures

Finally, we come to the sunglasses Jonah Hill wears in The Wolf of Wall Street. The glasses Hill wears are two-tone aviators. He pairs them with a stripey pastel shirt and an orange sweater tied over his shoulders for what we can only describe as the most preppy look we’ve ever seen. The exact glasses he wears have proven difficult to identify. We reckon these two-tone shades from Gucci come pretty close, however.

We also have to give a special shoutout to the round tortoiseshell prescription specs Jonah Hill wears in other parts of the movie. They are an outstanding choice of eyewear.

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