Tom Cruise’s Sunglasses in Top Gun Maverick are a Pilot Style Essential

Was there ever any doubt that Tom Cruise would once again wear a pair of classic aviators?

In Top Gun 2 Maverick, Tom Cruise finally revisits the much-loved role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchel. While Crusie is a little older and the CGI is a little flashier, one thing has stayed the same: the actor wears a pair of classic aviator sunglasses.

This is no surprise. The sunglasses were originally developed for pilots so it’s fitting that they would be the frame of choice for one of the movie world’s most famous aviators. Images of Cruise in his uniform with a pair of the shades in the original movie are iconic.

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In the new movie, the sunglasses look set to play an equally crucial role. One of the most eye-catching scenes in the trailer is when Crusie is seen racing a plane on his motorbike with his sunglasses and stars and stripes-adorned pilot jacket glimmering in the sun. It’s a moment that shows aviators are the type of shades worn by men of action, those who are prone to jumping on a bike at a moment’s notice and chasing a plane down a runway.

What Sunglasses Does Tom Cruise Wear in Top Gun Maverick?

The sunglasses Tom Cruise wears in the movie look a lot like Ray-Ban Aviator Classics. These are, after all, the frame that was originally designed for U.S pilots way back in 1937. If you want to grab a pair you can check them out on Amazon by clicking the links below. We’ve linked to the pair with a classic gold frame and green lens, but other colors are available.

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