Tony Montana’s Sunglasses in Scarface Have Some Pretty Obvious Symbolism

They also look pretty damn cool.

If you are looking for symbolism in movie props, the sunglasses Tony Montana wears in Scarface are a good choice. I mean, they literally have a huge white line that runs from temple to temple. In a film about a notorious Cuban American cocaine drug lord, it isn’t a huge step to believe that the directors had a pretty good idea about what they were trying to get across.

Beyond the symbolism, these are a unique pair of glasses with many features that make them stand out.

Tony Montana Scarface Sunglasses

Universal Pictures

The sunglasses Al Pacino wore in Scarface are Linda Farrow 6031. The frame is a pretty standard aviator shape, but the gradient lens, jet black frame, and the white line across the top mean they are a very unique pair of shades.

The bad news is that these exact glasses are no longer available. However, the Carrera CA/33S in black (pictured below) is a pretty close match.

These glasses have a similar frame shape, color, and a white line that runs from temple to temple, while curving down the site. The shades even have gradient lenses for the authentic Scarface look. The main difference is the Carrera branding on the lens and temple, as well as the detailing on the front brow.

If you want to grab a pair of these glasses, you can do so over at Amazon. Click here to check them out.

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