Tyler, The Creator Sunglasses: All The Styles He’s Most Well-Known For

Tyler the Creator is nothing if not unconventional. This is the case in his music, his fashion, and, yes, his sunglasses.

In fact, you won’t get many celebrities out there who make braver choices than Tyler. While the rest of the world was out rocking oversized sportsluxe specs, he was ushering in the trend for small glasses in a variety of shapes.

In this article, we’ll look at the two styles of sunglasses Tyler, the Creator is most well known for.

Igor Sunglasses

When Tyler the Creator unveiled 2019’s Igor, he wasn’t just introducing the world to his new music. He also brought a new look to the table, complete with blond hair, funky clothes, and some absolutely outstanding sunglasses.

The Igor sunglasses have a black plastic frame and dark lens. The nose bridge and the temples come out of the middle of the glasses, which means they sit quite high on the face. This is especially noticeable in the top corners of each pair.

He also wears this style of sunglasses in the music video for Earfquake as well as his appearance at the 202o Grammy award ceremony.

Where to buy Tyler, The Creator Sunglasses?

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly which pair the artist wears. However, we have scoured the internet to find these glasses that we reckon are pretty similar.

The closest pair we have been able to find is the Sacro collection from RetroSuperFuture. These glasses have pretty much the same shape including the raised corners. They are available in all black.

These Salmon Rounded Rectangle glasses from Urban Outfitters are another pair that match the ones Tyler wears really closely.

This pair from CrapEyewear is another option that is pretty close. There’s a Reddit thread that claims the manufacturer has confirmed these are the ones worn by Tyler. However, we’re skeptical about this claim as the corner seems slightly more rounded. Nonetheless, it’s pretty close.

Finally, there’s this pair available on Amazon. These glasses are cheap and cheerful and they have a similar square shape to the Igor sunglasses as well as being the same color.

View Igor-Style Glasses on Amazon

Clout Goggles/Round Lens Glasses

Recently Tyler has been pretty consistent in choosing glasses like the style above. However, in the past he has also been known to favor round lens or clout goggle style glasses.

These glasses share a lot of similarities to the Igor glasses in that the lens and temples are central meaning the glasses once again sit higher on the face. However, the round lenses, are arguably even more eyecatching due to the uncommon shape.

Clout goggles are the round white lens sunglasses that you’ve probably seen a few famous faces wear over the past few years. These are the most eye-catching of the lot due not only to the unique shape but also the white color of these glasses.

Where to Buy Tyler, The Creator Clout Goggles and Round Sunglasses?

9Five does some interesting round sunglasses. The Capital Black sunglasses are almost a combination of the ones in the Instagram post above and the Igor glasses.

Back to CrapEyewear again, this time for a great looking pair of clout goggles. They have a white frame and orange-tinted lense; basically, everything you could want from this style of shades. they are also available in other colors if you’d rather mix things up.

Finally, these Clout Goggles available on Amazon are super cheap and could be a good shout if you are on a budget.

View Tyler, The Creator Style Clout Goggles on Amazon

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