10 Types of Coats Men Should Consider this Winter

Stylish ways to stay warm this year.

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Coats are the undisputed champion of winter fashion. At a time of year when you need to wrap up, your coat is the piece that you can use to show off your style credentials. Every year we see different types of coats having their moment on the sun (well, perhaps not the sun), and this year is no different.

My favorite coat style is definitely a long wool one. I love how they go with pretty much everything and are a great way to make a statement while staying warm. Occasionally, wearing one can feel a bit much though, so I have a trusty puffer coat that I pull out when I need it.

This year I’m keen on adding a parka to my collection as I think it sits in a nice position between the casual puffer and the more formal wool coat. Of course, I’ll be going baggy and long if I do. I also love peacoats but their similarity to my wool coat means I might have to save that for another year.

10 Types of Coat for Men

Wool Coat

A wool coat is a winter classic. Pushing the smarter of the spectrum these coats keep you warm and smart. They look equally as good over a suit and dress shoes as they do when paired with jeans and boots. Get an on-trend style by looking for oversized versions that fit big and long. Checks and patterns will help you stand out even more. Or, buy a standard fitting wool coat in a classic color like navy, camel, grey, or black for a piece that will always be in style.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is another classic style with plenty of modern versions. They look great with more formal outfits and you’ll have no issues wearing them with jeans at the weekend. The classic trench coat is a double-breasted coat in beige. It will also have details such as belts, wrist straps, epaulets, and pockets. Nowadays there are a milion different versions you could choose from. The material of a trench coat isn’t the warmest of all the types of coat on this list, so if things get really chilly where you live you may want to either go for another option or buy two coats.

Down Coat

Monochrome Jacket

Down coats (or puffer coats) are essential wear if you live in places where the winter gets really cold. That doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while wearing one, though, and this type of coat has been hugely popular over the past couple of years. A basic version in colors like green, navy, or grey is a muted ways to stay warm. It’s not hard to find far more out-there versions of the style, though. A major consideration with these jackets is length, and you can buy ones that finish everywhere form your waist to your ankles.


Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

The 90s resurgence means parkas are once again having a moment in the spotlight. And it’s no surprise: these are warm coats that look great. They are also super versatile. They look great with jeans and you can even wear one over a suit—this is how the mods wore them when they adopted the style in the 50s. Popular parkas this year are minimalist and slightly longer than waist length.



A peacoat is a type of double-breasted waist length wool coat. It is super-versatile and you can easily dress it up or down. Like other wool coats, they are also warm. Plus they have the added advantage of big collars that you can pull up to cover your neck and keep the precious heat in. Pea coats are a timeless style when bough in classic colors. Choose one with a bit of room so you can layer it with jumpers, shirts, and scarfs.

Duffle Coat

Made famous by Paddington bear, a duffle coat is a type of coat made from… well, duffle—a type of heavy wool that originated in Belgium. The classic variation is recognizable due to the unique toggle system using for fastening. These coats are more casual than other wool coats but are a great way to get across a laid back, student vibe. I think they look especially good with a pair of casual boots, dark jeans, and a thick wool scarf.

Macintosh (Rain Coat)

A Macintosh (not the computer) is a type of lightweight overcoat. They are perfect for wearing in fall and spring when you need something to keep out the cold but can’t justify a thicker style. Macs are more formal than many types of jackets worn at this time of year. A classic mac finishes somewhere between the waist and the knee and comes in camel, navy, or grey. Like most items at the moment, modern versions are oversized and finish at the knee(or lower). Perhaps the best thing about macs is that they are waterproof. Although, you’ll probably want to keep an umbrella handy if you think it’s going to rain as they don’t typically have hoods.

Shearling Coat

Shearling coats are those made from lambskin. They are typically beige or brown and have a super thick wool interior. This often becomes a design feature around the collar too. These coats are thick and the wool embellishments mean you’ll definitely stand out when you wear one, making them a real fashion power move. Of course, they’re also super warm making them a practical as well as stylish choice.

Leather Coat

Leather jackets are a menswear staple, but you have to be brave to dare to wear a leather coat. Get it wrong and you’ll risk looking like an extra out of the matrix. If you can pull the style off you’ll have a look that you know not many others out there will be wearing. The classic leather coat style is a trench coat and it’s an item that is getting more exposure in f/w collections over the last year or so. The biggest downside is probably the price—all that leather doesn’t come cheap.

Technical Coats

Technical coats are the longer cousin of technical jackets. These items come with all the technology you need to stay dry and warm in winter, without the bulk of a puffer, wool, or shearling coat. The practicality doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish, though. Look for one in block patterns and bright colors if you want a super up-to-date version of the style.

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