Looking for New Jeans? Then Consider One of These 10 Types

A pair for every occasion.

For years skinny fit or slim fit jeans have been the go-to jeans fit for most men. I think these jeans styles still look great and they’ll likely still play a major part in most men’s wardrobes.

But recently many different types of jeans for men have started to become popular. We are seeing more and more people choose straight-leg jeans, wide-fitting jeans, and even the odd pair of flares. It’s hard not to be tempted by some of these more adventurous fits after years of slimmer silhouettes.

If this brave new world of opportunity has inspired you to try some different types of jeans, then this article contains all you need to know about each fit, so you can choose the perfect jeans for you.

Different Jeans Styles For Men

Here are 10 different styles of jeans you choose from. We’ve given a rundown of what makes each fit special so you can choose the best pair for you.


Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans (also called regular fit jeans) are exactly what they sound like. These jeans fit straight from the hips all the way down to the ankle without any taper. They typically have a mid-rise waist.

These jeans are probably what your dad wears, but that doesn’t mean they’re stuffy. They are also a good entry into experimenting with wider fits if you’ve spent the last ten years squeezing into skinny jeans.

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Slim Fit

Slim jeans
The Brdwlk

Slim-fit jeans have been insanely popular over the last decade or so. It’s likely that at least one pair of jeans in your closet are slim-fit jeans. These jeans fit close to the body from your hips all the way down to your leg. But there is always some room between your legs and the denim.

They also have a relaxed taper at the ankle. The material of these jeans may have some stretch for comfort, but they don’t stretch around your skin.

Slim Straight

Slim straight
The Brdwlk

Slim straight jeans are a type of slim-fit jeans. These jeans stay straight from the knee to the ankle instead of tapering like regular slim-fit jeans. This gives them a slightly wider look than skinny jeans that taper. These jeans aren’t as common as the other styles on this list.

What Type of Denim Should You Choose When Buying Jeans?👇

The type of denim impacts the look of the jeans you choose. Selvedge denim, like that in the image above, is raw denim without processing. It’s known for its high-quality, tightly woven edges, and durability. Rinse wash denim adds a worn look to the jeans by adding fade.

Skinny Fit

Black pants brown boots

Skinny jeans are the rebellious sibling of slim jeans. They fit tight around your legs from the hips all the way down to the ankle. To achieve this effect, they typically have plenty of stretch for maximum impact.

The tightest-fitting skinny jeans may also be known as stretch-skinny jeans. The black jeans in the image above are a good example of this. The good news if you’re into this style? They may be making a resurgance.

Athletic Fit Skinny Jeans

These are skinny fit jeans designed for guys who don’t skip leg day. They are still tight, stretch, and end with a tapered leg but they are designed with room around the thighs and quads so people with big legs can still get the skinny fit look.

Should different body types choose specific jeans styles? 👇

In most cases, the type of jeans doesn’t matter. It’s far more important that the jeans fit you well. Skinny guys can look just as good in skinny jeans as wider ones, as long as they consider the overall fit. Likewise, it’s possible for people with bigger legs to wear slimmer fits as long as the pair they choose fits around the legs without being too tight.


Wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg or loose fit jeans are exactly what they sound like. These jeans are spacious and roomy all the way from the hips to the ankle. They come in various shapes and sizes, from ones that are a little wider than straight jeans to ones that are extremely wide. You can turn the hem up so it falls a little above the ankle to keep some shape in the jeans, or just let them fall over your shoes.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are similar to wide-leg jeans, but they give off an even more relaxed silhouette, whereas wide-leg jeans can be worn in a way that is quite smart. Baggy jeans have plenty of breathing space all the way down your leg, they are also more likely to break over your shoes to continue with the slouchier fit. It’s the perfect fit for people looking for a super casual look. 


Bootcut jeans have a narrow leg with a slight flare at the hem, designed to allow them to fit over (you guessed it) pairs of chunky boots. These jeans are sometimes called cowboy cut, so they are presumably popular with cowboy types in the U.S.

But this type of jeans was also incredibly popular in the early noughties, especially low-rise jeans versions. They are slowly seeing a return to the shops as people look to experiment with non-slim and skinny fits.

Flared Jeans

Flare Jeans

Flared jeans are the funkier cousin of bootcut jeans. While bootcut jeans have a slight widening at the hem to let them fit over your boots, flared have an extreme widening for no purpose other than looking fresh.

These jeans are typically tight or slim around the hips and down to the knee which further accentuates the flares around the hem. These jeans will forever be remembered as a relic from the 70s, but it’s possible for extremely fashion-forward people to rock them successfully.

Carrot Fit Jeans

Carrot-fit jeans are a pretty niche cut where the jeans start off wide and then taper aggressively toward the ankle. The result of this is that they give your legs the shape of a carrot. These jeans had a brief heyday around 2010 (at least in the U.K.) and pretty much haven’t been seen since.

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