Here are the Types of Pants that will Modernize Your Wardrobe This Year

For when jeans won't cut it.

Here’s a quick question: how many types of pants have you worn recently? If you’re anything like me, the answer’s not many. Jeans, chinos, slacks, a pair of sweatpants around the home maybe. This is something I’m determined to change over the next few months. Men’s pants trends are more diverse than ever before meaning there are plenty of types that you can experiment with.

This list has 13 varieties of pants. I’m aiming to add several of them to my wardrobe. Corduroy is a definite go as soon as I can find a pair that I like. I also like the idea of pattern pants if I can find a pair that gets the balance between being interesting yet subtle. And I’d love to add a pair of leather pants to my wardrobe, but I might have to keep saving up for a while longer before I splash out for a suitable pair.

13 Types of Pants for Men


Red cuban collar shirt
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It’s fall, which means people are gonna be wearing chinos. And for good reason. These pants carefully walk the line between smart and casual, go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, and come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. 

There are many ways to upgrade your chinos this season. Try a pair with a fit that isn’t what you’re used to. Or look for ones with subtle embellishments like cargo-style pockets or sweatpant-style elasticated waists.


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Jeans are another type of men’s pants that are ubiquitous. I bet most of us have plenty of pairs in several shades of blue and black. But there’s plenty of ways you can experiment if you want something more interesting than a mid-blue slim-fit pair of jeans. 

Considering experimenting with the fit. Jeans have been getting wider so now could be a great time to jump on the trend. Going for a pair of straight-leg jeans will help you get on board without going for a full-on pair of skater denim. We’re also seeing plenty of light-colored jeans: stonewash blue and white are more common than ever before. 

Also, keep an eye out for anything that will make your jeans stand out. Features like extra pockets, drawstrings, rips, and stitching will bring your denim up a level.  

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Slacks may seem like pretty standard fare but there are tons of ways you can experiment with them this year. Patterns are a big one if you’re feeling brave. Look for slacks with stripes or checks for an item that is sure to make your outfit pop. 

Another option is to go for unusual colors. Red will be popular in the colder months and it will certainly help you stand out. Or try neutral colors like sand, camel, and khaki

Super Wide-Fitting Pants

Super wide-fitting pants is a trend for the most fashion-conscious among us. There are options available in slacks, jeans, and most other types of pants on this list. I find super wide slacks to be the most interesting option. Combine this look with other fall fashion trends like oversized jackets, long shirts, and monochrome colors


Is there a type of pants that says fall more than corduroy? The material has started to become popular over the last year or so and this year is unlikely to be any different. Again, you can mix and match corduroy with the styles on this list. For example, choose a wide pair, a pair with pockets, or one in colors like red or sand.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are another choice that has gradually been gaining popularity. But the type that is popular at the moment isn’t your regular cargo pants. This season they come in a variety of fits, colors, and materials. It’s easy to grab a slim or straight fit pair with subtle pockets to ease yourself into the trend. Or go for a more adventurous look with a mega-wide pair of cargo denim with enough pockets to replace your backpack.

Leather Pants

While leather jackets are always popular leather pants are more controversial. But, if you’ve ever wondered whether you can pull off leather pants, now is the time to try a pair. There are many types available. Some of the more unique versions combine other types of pants on this list, including wide legs and cargo-style pants.

Padded/Ski Pants

If you want a pair of pants to stay warm, then padded ski pants are the obvious way to go. But while you’d previously have been putting practicality over style if you wore a pair, the ski look is returning meaning you can combine warmth with style. On-trend versions of these pants are thinner and more suitable for city living than the type you’d find on the slopes. The interesting thing about this style is that the padding fits in perfectly with the overall wider silhouettes that are currently popular.

Sweat Pants

Mac coat with Sweatpants

Sweat pants were the undisputed pants star of 2020 due to their sudden popularity during COVID lockdown. As much of the world emerged from their homes during 2021 these pants may have lost some of their popularity, but they are no doubt still a hugely popular option.

Wool Pants

Thicker than regular slacks, wool pants are a great option for staying warm in winter while still looking smart. You can get these pants in pretty much any shape and size. This year look for those with a wider fit for an on-trend look.

Pattern Pants 

Pattern pants are another type of pants that shows menswear is getting more adventures with its legwear. Subtle checks and stripes are the obvious places to start exploring this trend, but there are many options to go above and beyond. Look for bright colors, polka dots, graphics, and more.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are those that are cropped to lie just above the ankle. They’re a great way to show off your shoes. But more than that, combining wide fits with cropped pants ensures you keep some structure and shape in your outfit. If you want to try this type of pants without splashing out on a new pair, simply roll up a pair of your existing pants. Or take them to your local tailor.

Flared Pants

If you were too young to remember the early noughties, you may not be familiar with flare pants as anything other than an item used in 70s period shows. But there were serious pairs of pants and there are signs that they are slowly coming back. Really it was inevitable once the backlash against skinny jeans started and people began looking for adventurous fits. It’s definitely still early days, but if you really want to look different, then hunt out a pair of flares.

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