Here are 11 Types of T-Shirts to Stay (and look) Cool this Summer

Freshen up your summer wardrobe.

The humble t-shirt is an item everyone owns. They’re standard wear in hot weather and we reckon that wherever you go during the summer months, you’ll see a ton of men wearing t-shirts.

But, that doesn’t mean all t-shirts are the same. And every year different styles come to forefront of our attention. In this article, we’ll explore some of our favorite types of t-shirts, as well as look at some t-shirt trends that we think will be big this year.

11 Types of T-Shirts

Crew Neck

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Your crew neck is your classic t-shirt style with a round neck. If you’re anything like me, 90% of the t-shirts you own are this style. And there’s good for reason for it. Crew neck t-shirts look great in a variety of outfits. Graphic or patterned shirts work for a casual look, and you can even wear a crisp plain one with smarter pieces like chinos or slacks.

Graphic T

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Graphic T-shirts are those with interesting or unique graphics. They are often bands, movies, or characters, but can be any design. The great thing about these t-shirts is the number of designs available. It’s easy to find something you like. These shirts are typically the most casual of any form of t-shirt but they are a great way to show off your personality.

Oversized T-shirts

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Oversized t-shirts are bang on-trend at the moment and a look that we currently love. The key with oversized t-shirts is to know the difference between one that’s oversized and one that is just too big. An oversized item will typically combine elements that are fitted with elements that are extra large. For example, the length and neck line will fit as normal, but the sleeves and width of the shirt will be wider than normal. This means you can have a wider silhouette whiteout the piece being shapeless.


By Arrul Lin via Unsplash

V-neck is the style that most of either own or, at the very least, have heard of. These are t-shirts with a neck that slopes down into a v a the front. They’re a great style if you have broad shoulders due to the slimming effect of the V-collar. V-neck t-shirts seem a little less casual than crew neck ones, although that could just be my preference. One place where a v-neck is absolutely essential is if you want to wear a t-shirt under a shirt. Due to the lower neckline, you won’t be able to see the shirt even when you undo the top button.

Scoop Neck

By Tomas Gal via Unsplash

Scoop neck t-shirts are those with a neck line that drops deep below the collar line. This type of t-shirt was popular in the late noughties, especially among men who were buff enough to show off the tops of their pecs when wearing one. You don’t seen to see as many people wearing them nowadays, which may be a good thing. Although, I do actually think there’s a place for scoop necks if you go for one with a more moderate drop.

Henley Neck

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How to best describe a henley neck shirt? A polo shirt without a collar? A button-up t-shirt? Either way, you get the picture: it’s a t-shirt with buttons. I actually love this style of t-shirt as I think the buttons are a great extra detail that is sure to make you stand out. I think they look especially good when worn on a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirt
By Banjo Emerson Mathew via Unsplash

A polo shirt is essentially a t-shirt with a collar. The collar makes them slightly more formal than the other t-shirts on the list. They’re essential wear on the golf course, at Wimbledon, and in offices during hot summer. A polo shirts smart/casual aesthetic means they go great with items like chinos, slacks, and a sharp pair of sneakers. Fit is key when it comes to polo shirts as the buttons can quickly ruin the shade of the shirt if it doesn’t fit properly.

Breton Stripe

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Breton stripes are a classic summer pattern so it’s no surprise that I love to to wear Breton stripe t-shirts. For the uninitiated, these are shirts with thin horizontal stripes. The stripes are usually blue or navy on a white background, but you can grab various different colors. Breton shirts are typically long-sleeved but you can easily find versions t-shirt versions. These tops are a great look if you are tall and this as the stripes have a widening effect. Wear them with dark blue jeans and loafers for a sharp, summer look.

Logo T-Shirt

By Sebastian Mouilleau via Unsplash

A logo t-Shirt is exactly what it sounds like: a t-shirt with a logo on. Of all the types of t-shirts on this list, it’s probably the one I wear the least. But I like the idea of going all out with a colorful, large logo like in the image above.

Zip Neck

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Zip neck t-shirts are, you guessed it, t-shirts with a zip neck. They’re most commonly found on polo shirts. I don’t image there are any beneifts to using a zip over buttons but it is certainly an unusual feature that makes the t-shirt stand out.

Pocket T-shirt

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Pocket t-shirts are those with a pocket stitched on the chest area. It’s a design element borrowed from shirts and the pockets themselves are about as useless as the ones you’d find on said shirts. But, they can be a cool, understated design feature. I’ve had my pocket t-shirt for a while and I like how it adds a bit of character to what would otherwise be a standard gray t-shirt.

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