Uniqlo Hybrid Down Parka Review: Keeping You Stylish and Warm

And at an affordable price point.

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I’ve been meaning to do a Uniqlo parka review ever since I bought the Hybrid Down Parka earlier this year. I just never quite got around to it.

But, the weather really started to turn cold this week and we even had our first snow of the year, so I thought now would be a great time to head out and put it to the test.

The great news for anyone thinking of making the purchase is that I highly recommend it. The parka is warm, stylish, and super comfortable—it met my expectations in pretty much every way. This article will explore why.

Uniqlo Parka in Five Points

Uniqlo Parka
  • It has a clean, modern, slightly oversized design.
  • The coat is surprisingly light and very comfortable.
  • It’s warm enough for most situations.
  • You can buy it in black, red, navy, olive, and brown.
  • It’s a bargain at $129.

Uniqlo Hybrid Down Park Review

Streamlined, Stylish Looks

The way a coat looks arguably has the biggest influence on whether or not you like. If you hate a coat’s design, it doesn’t mater how comfortable it is or how warm it keeps you, you aren’t gonna wear.

But a coat’s design is also entirely subjective, what some people love, another person may hate.

Nonetheless, I can say that I really the design of the Uniqlo hybrid down parka. You can see the coat in all its glory in the image below.

Uniqlo Parka Black Skinny Jeans
The Brdwlk

I like the super clean, modern design that sees the zips, buttons, and pockets covered by streamlined flaps.

The coat has a slightly oversized silhouette that is very on-trend at the moment. It’s roomy without being sloppy. It looks great as a counterbalance to skinny jeans and it can more than hold it’s own with wider styles of pants.

I really appreciate the color too. The deep camel really stands out and goes well with my existing wardrobe. You can also buy this coat in green, navy, and black. While I prefer the one I bought I think they all look good.

Lightweight Comfort

One thing that struck me was that the coat is really light. It looks warm and quite thick, but when you pick it up and wear it you can hardly feel it. The lightness makes it a joy to wear. If you squeeze the material it feels like it almost disappears.

The coat is also quite roomy which means there is plenty of space to move around. You aren’t restricted at all. It also means there is plenty of room to throw on some extra layers if you need some extra heat.

Speaking of which:

Warmth in Most Situations

Warmth is hard to judge as we all have different ideas of what we expect from a coat. Where I live the temperature can drop to just above freezing and it can get quite windy. So it’s cold, but not extreme. I’ve worn it in these temperatures a few times with just a sweater and a t-shirt underneath and it’s done a great job at keeping me toasty.

The coat also has a hood which comes in handy when it rains or gets really cold. You can even pull the drawstrings at the bottom of the jacket to keep in more heat.

Uniqlo Parka Hood
Face masks are low key a great extra layer of warmth

The parka is waterproof due to the water repellent coating. I haven’t had a chance to test this in seriously wet conditions, but the few times I’ve been caught out in a shower it hasn’t let me down.

Uniqlo itself says the jacket is “incredibly warm” thanks to its down material and bio-warming padding.

If you live in an area where the temperature regularly goes well below freezing or if you spend a lot of time stood around outside without moving you might need a more heavyweight coat. But, you’re probably better positioned to know your needs than I am. For most people, I reckon the Uniqlo parka will more than suffice.

Construction and Quality

A three-month review is never going to be enough to get a full overview of a coat’s ability to last for years. But, so far it seems well-made—which is what you’d expect from Uniqlo.

In the months I’ve had it I haven’t noticed anything falling apart. The color hasn’t faded at all, at least not that’s noticeable to the eye.

Uniqlo Parka Sleeve Detail
The Brdwlk

It’s clear that the company has put some effort into the design, which makes it seem well-made. There are plenty of nice details such as the straps on the sleeve, the drawstrings at the bottom of the coat, and the peak on the hood. These all give it a premium feel that help it perform well above it’s price point.

As you’ve probably guessed from this Uniqlo parka review, I’m super happy with my purchase. It’s a great looking coat and definitely practical enough for my needs. If you’re looking for a modern take a parka, it’s definitely worth a look.

Check out Uniqlo men’s hybrid parka on uniqlo.com

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