9 Colors That Look Great With Green Clothes (Plus Examples)

Do you downplay the green or make it pop?

You can go two ways when wearing green clothes. First are the safe shades, those like olive green, army green, and forest green. They look good, but are nothing out of the ordinary.

Then there are the more adventurous colors—typified by the explosion of Gen Z green—a loud shade making its way into fashion since 2020. This color is harder to pull off, but when done right can be a sight for sore eyes. 

Whichever option you choose to wear, the colors that go with green are much the same. Neutrals like white, gray, black, and beige work especially well. But you can also try brighter shades like orange, red, and even other shades of green.

In this article, we’ll go into further detail about what colors go with green clothes, and highlight some examples for each.

So let’s begin!

9 Colors That Go Great With Green Clothes 


Green and white clothes

As a neutral shade, white goes with pretty much any colour and green is no exception. 

White works with green in two main ways: it can be a neutralizing piece for a dramatically loud green color or it can make an otherwise muted green pop.

The outfits above are examples of the latter. The white allows the muted green of the cardigan and pants to be the stand-out piece in the look.


Black and green clothes

The dark hues of black introduce depth to green’s sharper tones, making this combination suited for upscale events with a formal dress code. Being a versatile neutral, black is another fail-safe option for green clothing pieces.

In the outfit on the right, the well-placed pop of color introduced via green graphic details makes the all-black ensemble come alive without divorcing the sophistication of the look. 


Gray and green clothes

Gray is another neutral color that pairs exceptionally well with both bright and intense shades of green and darker shades.

In the first image, the calming tones of grey complement the bright hues of the green pants. In the second, the darker gray pants go well with the earthy and dark green sweater. 

Other Shades of Green

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What’s a better way to style green than pairing it with its very own varying hues? Teaming up two or three variations of the same color creates a fun and vibrant palette. Sage green, emerald, mint, and lime are a few foolproof monochrome outfit options.

The lime jacket serves to jazz up the understated hues of the checkered mint shirt underneath, creating a dramatic transition of the outfit from plain casual to refreshing.


Red and green clothes

Choose to make a splash by teaming up green with equally riveting colors like red. Placed opposite on the color wheel, green and red are complementary colors. 

The texture and the shade of both the colors in this outfit are perfectly harmonized, which is a tip you can steal for your next OOTD. Muted tones of green and red look flattering together, but you can opt for rich jewel tones to introduce a bold touch to the outfit.


Orange and green clothes

No, I’m not referring to traffic-cone orange. Instead, we’re talking shades like burnt orange, rust, or coral. The warm hues of orange spice up the cool undertones of the green color. When pairing orange and green, the key is using the same tone for both to create a cohesive look. 

The orange stripe details in the image above create an eye-catching contrast to the outfit that’s otherwise built around the deep green and black hues. Adding white and orange stripes brings a fresh, contemporary flair to the look.


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As neighboring colors of the spectrum, blue and green get along well and create a refreshing combination in clothing. Rich green shades complement the lighter varieties of blue. In contrast, muted greens paired with deeper blues make a classy combination.

A wardrobe staple for everyone, a pair of mid-blue denim makes a subdued contrast with the green in the shirt. This one’s a comforting pairing. Nothing loud, just an easy-going fit for a casual day.


Check Shirt Cardigan Pants
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Brown and green are both earthy colors and any outfit that uses both these shades will have a distinctive feel. It’s less city slicker and more sitting around a fireplace in a warm cabin with a pipe. But, it does work. And the soft contrast of the brown sobers down the roaring color of the jungle. 

The outfit above is a good example. The fact that the example is a cardigan fits in well with the aforementioned down-to-earth vibes of the color pairing.


Beige and green clothes

Beige and green are nature-inspired colors that make a winning combination in clothing. Besides, neutrals are always a safe bet when messing around with intense colors.

Top off your green shirt with a beige trench coat, or pair it with beige pants for a fall-ready outfit. The rich hues of the green shirt perk up the beige pieces creating a laidback but chic look. 

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