These 11 Stylish Fits Will Seriously Upgrade Your Denim Jacket

Modern outfits for a classic item.

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Denim jackets are probably my favorite item of casual clothing. I like how they give outfits an edge that other types of jackets can’t match. Only leather jackets come close really, but they cost a lot more.

I like wearing my denim jacket with slim-fit denim and chinos. Black skinny jeans are a go-to for an indie rock look. But you can easily wear a denim jacket with an on-trend oversized outfit. You just need to buy one with a bit more room.

I’m also a firm believer that denim jackets are more versatile than you think. While the classic trucker jacket will always bring to mind a certain look, other styles (such as the black denim jacket in this post) give you more room to experiment.

If you’re lacking inspiration, then look no further. Here are eleven great denim jacket outfits you can try.

What to Wear With a Denim Jacket? 11 Men’s Outfits

Outfit 1: With a Sweater

Denim Jacket White Sweater
Adam Neumann

This first denim jacket outfit keeps things simple. Wear it over a sweater for a look that will easily get you through most situations in spring and fall. I also like how the shearling lining complements the color of the sweater. Finish the outfit off with jeans on chinos.

Outfit 2: Navy Denim Jacket with Navy Chinos

Adam Neumann

This is a cool monotone outfit that I especially like because the texture of the chino pants is different to the denim jacket. The dark shirt and black boots finish off the look nicely.

Outfit 3: Double Denim

denim jacket jeans
Will Spirit

Double denim gets a bad rep but you can pull it off if your confident enough. In this denim jacket outfit, a light t-shirt breaks up the colors while the rips in the jeans and the statement sneakers make the outfit interesting.

Outfit 4: With a Striped Shirt and Chinos

Black Denim Jacket Breton Shirt Navy Chinos
The Brdwlk

This is a simple outfit that looks good because of the contrast between the material of the jacket and the chinos. Wearing a Breton shirt is also a good way to break up the darker colors of the rest of the outfit.

Outfit 5: Denim Jacket Over a Hoody

Denim Jacket Red Hoody
Matthew Fassnacht

Wearing a denim jacket over a hoody is a great way to ad some warmth to your outfit. I like the contrast between the bright red of the hoody and the light colored jacket. The worn and ripped denim jacket fits with the casual vibes from the hoody and oversized t-shirt.

Outfit 6: Over a Shacket

Denim Jacket Shacket T-shirt
Logan Weaver

Denim jackets make a great layering piece. Pairing one with an overshirt and a t-shirt is a good way to create an interesting look. I also like the slightly longer style of jacket in this post.

Outfit 7: With Dark Jeans and a Black T-shirt

Denim jacket black t-shirt
Mark West

One way to make double denim work is to ensure the colors of your jeans and jacket contrast. This denim jacket outfit does that really well by pairing a light blue jacket with black jeans. The look is finished off with a black t-shirt that keeps the color pallette simple.

Outfit 8: With a Check Shirt

Black Denim Jacket Check Shirt Skinny Jeans Jeans
The Brdwlk

Wearing a check shirt with a denim jacket is a classic combination that I wear frequently. I love how the light shirt and sneakers complement the darker colors of the jacket and jeans. I like to do up my top button when wearing a denim jacket and a shirt but you don’t have to.

Outfit 9: Over a Puffer Coat

Denim jacket padded coat
Tuce Ahok

Wearing a denim jacket over a puffer coat is definitely an unusual way to wear a denim jacket but it works in this image. This is partially down to the way the blue goes with the blue of the denim. This is probably the warmest of the denim jacket outfits on this list.

Outfit 10: With a White T-Shirt

Denim jacket black jeans white t-shirt
Sebastian Pociecha

If your still stuck when deciding what to wear with a denim jacket, just put one over a white t-shirt. This is a simple look that is almost guaranteed to work no matter the color of your denim jacket or your jeans. Pop the color like in the image above to give your look an edge.

Outfit 11: With a Chunky Knit Turtleneck

Denim jacket turtleneck
Karl Edwards

Turtlenecks are one of my favorite items and they look great with a denim jacket. I especially like to pair a chunky one with jeans and my jacket. This has the extra benefit of adding an extra layer of warmth to the outfit.

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