A Navy Sweater is a Safe Go-To: But That Doesn’t Mean it’s Boring

These fits are anything but dull.

Is there a safer color in menswear than navy? I don’t know about you, but I have to make an active choice when shopping to not buy navy. Otherwise, my wardrobe will be full of the color. I just know that everything in that shade is gonna look good on me and go with most of what I already own.

And of all the navy items, a navy sweater is probably the safest. A quality piece will look good with the full range of smart and casual outfits.

There are a few things I look out for when wearing a navy sweater. I like pairing one with grays and other shades of blue. Neutral colors also go well with navy and the two beige chinos outfits in the list below are among my favorites.

Sometimes I’ll wear an outfit that is mostly navy, whether because I’ve worn dark jeans or navy chinos. When this is the case I’ll usually take steps to break the outfit up a bit so it doesn’t appear too monotone.

In the rest of this article we’ll explore what to wear with a navy sweater.

What to Wear With a Navy Sweater: 12 Stylish Outfits

These 12 outfits showcase how I like to wear a navy sweater. Most of the outfits are smart or business casual—my sweater is fine knit and goes well with this style of clothing. There are a few that are more casual outfits, however.

Use the images to guide your own outfit creations with the clothes you already own, or use them to inspire your next purchases.

Navy Chinos and a Shirt

The Brdwlk

When you wear navy chinos with a navy sweater you risk the outfit becoming too monotone. You can avoid this by choosing pants and a sweater that are slightly different shades. It’s not that clear in the image but the sweater I’m wearing is slightly speckled with different shades of navy which produces an effect that ensures the colors contrast. I wore a brown shirt underneath which breaks the outfit up further.

The Boardwalk Style Tips 👇

Don’t neglect your socks when putting an outfit together! Choose a pair that complement the other clothes your wearing. The navy socks in the fit above are a good example of this.

A Wool Coat and Smart Shoes

The Brdwlk

A navy sweater is a perfect business casual item, meaning pairing one with a wool coat is a no-brainer. This entire outfit is navy other than the shoes and the details from the shirt. But it works because they are all different shades and textures.

A Gray Blazer and Beige Chinos

The Brdwlk

Grey and blue always go well together so it makes perfect sense to pair a navy sweater with a grey blazer. I stepped away from navy pants in this outfit and instead went for beige chinos as this is another neutral color that goes great with navy. I finished the outfit off with a pair of white sneakers which stops the outfit from being too stuffy. Simple canvas shoes would also work well here.

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A Gray Blazer and Black Jeans

Navy Sweater Grey Blazer Black Jeans
The Brdwlk

In the outfit below I paired the same grey blazer and blue sweater with black jeans. I also removed the shirt. I think these changes make the outfit even less formal than the one above. Although, I like the overall darker colors.

Casual Jeans, Boots, and a Jacket

This is the most casual navy sweater outfit so far. I’m still wearing a shirt but its a casual check one rather than a dressier oxford shirt. I’ve also worn regular blue jeans, black desert boots, and a light-colored shacket. It’s a similar color palette to the outfit above, but at the opposite end of the casual/formal spectrum.

A Navy Jacket and Off-White Pants

A navy blazer goes as well as a gray blazer when paired with a navy sweater. I stuck with the beige pants from the outfit above to keep the color contrast. I also swapped out the shirt for a white and blue striped dress shirt. I stuck with the trainers but you could wear a pair of dress shoes and the outfit would look just as good.

What Color Pants Go With a Navy Sweater 👇

Navy is a super flexible shade that goes with many other colors. Gray, blue, white, and beige pants go well with a navy sweater. You can even wear navy pants as long as you break up the outfit elsewhere. I don’t own any colorful pants, but if you do most light and bright colors will work. Be careful when pairing navy sweaters with darker items like maroon or olive green.

Black Jeans and Casual Boots

Blue Sweater Black Jeans Black Desert Boots
The Brdwlk

In this outfit, I paired a slightly brighter sweater with black faded skinny jeans and casual boots. The brighter color of the sweater goes well with the overall casual vibes.

A Denim Jacket and a Shirt

Navy Sweater Black Denim Jacket Indigo Jeans
The Brdwlk

I added a black denim jacket to the outfit. Of course, you could use any type of denim jacket, although I like how the colors of the black jacket, dark blue jeans, black boots, and navy sweater combine.

The Boardwalk Style Tips👇

Lots of people say you shouldn’t wear double denim. I say that’s a travesty! Some of my favorite outfits combine these two classic pieces, you just have to know how to wear the combination right. Here’s more about some simple guidelines you can use to wear a denim jacket with jeans the right way.

Gray Smart Pants and Back Shoes

Navy Sweater Gray Jeans Black Shoes
The Brdwlk

This is an outfit made from simple pieces I bet most people reading this article already own: a blue shirt, gray pants, black shoes, and a navy sweater. The outfit works because of how well gray and blue go together.

Beige Chinos and a Check Shirt

This outfit is a slightly more casual version of the one above due to swapping out the gray dress pants for chinos. The beige pants, brown shoes, and check shirt complement the navy sweater well.

An Overcoat And Chelsea Boots

The Brdwlk

A rain coat or mac is a great option to wear over a navy sweater outfit. Especially ones on the smarter end of the spectrum. Pair it with smart footwear like Chelsea Boots.

A Parka

The Brdwlk

When things get colder wear a parka over your navy sweater. This is sure to keep you warm. I like my brown Uniqlo parka, although navy and black would work just as well. This outfit would work well with more casual items like jeans and sneakers too.

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