Beige Chinos are an Easy Way to Add Variety to Your Pants Game

The spice of life.

While putting together a recent article on cool men’s pants trends, I realized that I don’t own any beige pants.

I have blue and black jeans, navy chinos, and plenty of dark-colored smart pants, but nothing in lighter shades. As I’m writing this around Christmas, I figured that now would be a good time to address this hole in my wardrobe.

This led me to buy some beige chinos. I went for these pants because I like the trend for off-white colors, and I wanted something that would go with much of my existing wardrobe.

Beige chinos are definitely versatile and you can wear them with a variety of colors as well as both casually and in more formal situations, so I thought they’d be perfect. You can also wear them all year round and it’s just as easy to pair them with fall and winter styles as it is summer ones.

The pants I bought are slim fit but they have enough room in them to move around comfortably. They’re quite a light shade of beige which is something I wanted. In fact, I’d have probably gone even lighter if the shop had any available. Unfortunately, where I live, the selection of pants in my length is pretty limited.

I’m pretty happy with them and the outfits I’ve been able to create. In the rest of this article, I’ll go over how to wear beige chinos and show the outfits I’ll be wearing mine with. First up here are some common questions.

What to Wear With Beige Chinos: 15 Men’s Outfits to Stay Stylish All Year Round

Here are 15 ways that I like to wear my beige chinos to inspire your own outfits. Some of them are outfits I wear regularly, others are more experimental. You’ll notice that I like to pair the chinos with blues and neutrals, and occasionally with black.

Wear Beige Chinos With Black and White Pieces

Beige Chinos White Sweater Black Denim Jacket
The Brdwlk

I love this outfit because the black denim jacket really adds some welcome contrast to the lighter shades of the chinos, sneakers, and turtleneck. A bomber jacket or even a leather jacket would work just as well.

Or With a White Sweater

Beige Chinos White Sweater Sneakers
The Brdwlk

The above outfit works just as well without the jacket. The slightly different shades of the pants, sweater, and sneakers stop the outfit from becoming washed out.

Brown is a Good Color to Wear With Beige

Beige Chinos Brown Shirt Sneakers
The Brdwlk

Brown goes great with beige and a shirt is a good casual way to pair the two colors together. The shirt in the above image is corduroy which means you get a nice contrast between the materials of the top and bottom half.

Beige, Brown, and Blue Go Great Together

Beige Chinos White Shirt Brown Cardigan
The Brdwlk

I stuck with the brown theme in this outfit. The white and blue striped shirt is quite smart but pairing it with sneakers and a brown cardigan keeps the outfit casual. The dark cardigan works in a similar way to the black jacket in the first outfit, adding some darker contrast to the rest of the article.

Add a Dash of Pink to Your Beige Chinos Outfit

Beige Chinos Beige Jacket Pink Shirt
The Brdwlk

This is another outfit with a lot of neutral colors. I think the tucked in pastel pink shirt is an interesting addition that streamlines the outfit compared to if I wore it untucked.

Wear With a Navy Blazer to Look Smart

The Brdwlk

I’ve mostly focused on casual beige chinos outfits so far but in this one things start to get a bit smarter. The same white and blue striped shirt I wore in outfit four gets dressed up with a navy blazer. You could easily swap out the sneakers for a pair of loafers or oxford shoes to make the outfit even smarter.

Or Add a Sweater to Look Smart and Warm

The Brdwlk

The above outfit works just as well with a navy sweater thrown on underneath the blazer. It’s a good way to stay both stylish and warm. Adding a pocket square would add a nice drop of color to the outfit.

Big Coats Go With Everything. Navy Chinos Are No Exception

Beige Chinos Black Boots Coat
The Brdwlk

This outfit fully embraces the contrast between beige chinos and the oversized black coat and the heavy black boots. It proves that beige chinos work in winter as well as they do in summer.

Or Wear a Shorter Navy Wool Coat

Beige Chinos Brown Shirt Cardigan
The Brdwlk

If you want to wear beige chinos with a more low-key outerwear, then consider pairing them with a navy wool coat. I also wore a neutral color sweater and a check shirt for some details.

A Black Sweater and Shoes Adds an Interesting Twist

Beige Chinos Black Sweater White Shirt
The Brdwlk

This is a more interesting version of the above outfit. The black sweater and shoes stand out against the lighter chinos.

Beige Chinos Look Great With a Sweater and Shoes

Beige Chinos Blue Jumper Brown Shoes
The Brdwlk

I don’t know why but I’m getting teacher vibes from this outfit. The combination of navy sweater, beige chinos, and brown shoes is simple and smart, if not particularly inspiring.

In Summer, Wear Your Beige Chinos With a Navy Shirt

Beige Chinos Navy Short Sleeve Shirt
The Brdwlk

The next three outfits are great for summer. Navy goes great with beige chinos but I especially like how the stripes in the shirt add some details to the outfit. As it’s summer, I wore the sneakers without socks. Of course, the shirt doesn’t have to be navy. Chinos work with a variety of types of summer shirt.

Or a White Polo With Colorful Details

Beige Chinos White Polo Shirt
The Brdwlk

White goes well with many beige chinos outfits, but I especially like the navy and pink/brown stripes on the shirt add some welcome color to the outfit. The details are reflected nicely in the sneakers too.

With a Beige Turtleneck and Blazer

beige turtleneck gray jacket chinos

An easy way to elevate your beige chinos is by pairing them with a blazer. Pair a beige turtleneck with your beige chino pants for a clean, monotone element in the look. Tuck in the turtleneck and add a black belt to add some polish to the outfit. Throw on a grey, structured blazer on top to smarten up the look even more and make it suitable for formal occasions.

With a Red Collar Shirt

Red cuban collar shirt
The Brdwlk

The red and beige contrast in this look is neither understated nor over-the-top and is finely balanced instead. Pair a short-sleeved, red cuban collar shirt with your beige chino pants for a casual yet super chic outfit that’s a great option for the summer. Lock it down with white sneakers and you should be good to go.

What Colors Go With Beige Chinos?

Beige is a neutral color which means it works well as a base for almost any other color. Shades like white, off-white, and brown go really well with beige chinos. Beige pants also look good alongside blue—from lighter shades to navy.

Black goes also goes well with beige pants as long as you embrace the contrast. Lighter shades of red are good for details. Grey can also work well. Most of the beige chinos outfits below use these shades.

Read more: Here’s an in-depth look at the colors that go best with khaki

What Color Shirt to Wear with Beige Chinos?

There really is no limit when it comes to the colors or kinds of shirts to wear with beige chinos. From a classic white shirt to a navy blue blazer, and everything in between, your beige chinos will complement them all. Just head to your wardrobe and see what you’ve got.

Can You Wear Black Shoes with Beige Chinos?

Wearing black shoes with beige chino pants can work, although be aware that black and lighter shades of beige will create a harsh contrast.

The type of shoes will also impact how well the look works. Black dress shoes will work less well as they are more formal than your typical pair of chinos. However, if you can make them work, sport them all you want.

What Shoes Can You Wear With Beige Chinos

White or off-white sneakers or canvas shoes look great with beige chinos. Use them in casual outfits or to play down smarter styles. Black and brown shoes and boots can also work as long as they fit the rest of the outfit. I like turning up the hem to really show off the shoes.

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  1. Hi Duncan,

    Which chinos actually are these? The colour is spot on. Every pair I’ve bought is too sandy or too dark. These look just right

    • Hey Tom, thanks for the comment.
      These are Uniqlo Slim Fit Chinos in beige. I got them at the end of last year, but I guess they would still be available.

  2. my man what is the sand color jacket you wore with the pink shirt

    excellent guide though none the less

    • Hey Lance.
      I bought it in Uniqlo late last year. I can’t see it online atm, but perhaps they’ll restock it for fall.
      Thanks for reading!

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