Here are My Favorite Outfits to Upgrade A Gray T-Shirt

Time to dig yours out.

I’m willing to bet that the majority of men have at least one gray t-shirt. It’s an affordable essential that is super versatile and goes with much in our wardrobes. It’s a piece that will form the center of many casual weekend or evening outfits, especially during the summer. But it can be so much more: you can also wear it with one with more formal pieces like blazers and slacks to dress down a formal outfit. Here are six ways to wear a gray t-shirt—I’ll cover everything from casual styles to how to wear a gray t-shirt with formal outfits.

What to Wear With a Gray T-Shirt?

With Jeans

Gray T-shirt, light blue jeans
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Jeans are the obvious place to start. A gray t-shirt goes with pretty much any pair of jeans in your closet. My favorite pairing is indigo jeans with a gray t-shirt. Black jeans and mid-wash blue jeans are a close second. Light blue jeans go great with t-shirts that are a lighter shade of gray. If your t-shirt is dark gray I’d stick to darker denim. I’m not a big fan of wearing gray jeans with a gray t-shirt if the shade closely matches.

Under a Casual Jacket

Gray T-shirt, red jacket, black jeans, boots
The Brdwlk

When the weather starts to cool, throwing a casual jacket over a gray t-shirt is a flexible way to keep warm. Gray t-shirts go great with leather jackets in my opinion. The color combination of black and great always looks great. Denim jackets are another casual type of jacket that works well with a gray t-shirt. A shacket or overshirt is another item that will go well with a simple t-shirt.

With Black Pants

Gray T-shirt, Black pants
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Black pants go well with a gray t-shirt. Keep the outfit casual by wearing sneakers or canvas shoes, or make it more formal by wearing a pair of dress shoes. When wearing this combination, I like to keep my shoes and accessories black, white, or gray.

Under a Suit

A gray t-shirt is an easy way to dress down a suit. Just choose that is relatively new (in good condition) and that fits you well. Many of us have suits in gray or navy already and these are easy choices to pair with a gray t-shirt. For a more unique look, try pairing a gray t-shirt with a brown or pastel suit.

With a Blazer

Gray Blazer, Gray T-shirt, black pants
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Pairing a gray t-shirt with a blazer is an easy way to upgrade an outfit when you aren’t quite ready to go for a full suit. Choose a casual deconstructed blazer for a modern outfit that is perfect for smart-casual settings. Finish the look off with jeans, chinos, and a pair of fresh sneakers.

Tucked into Slacks

Gray t-shirt, white sneakers, blue pants
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This is more proof that a gray t-shirt can be dressed up. Look for a gray t-shirt that fits well and is in great condition. Wearing a slim t-shirt with slim slacks is an easy way into the look. But playing with wider fits can give you a look that will stand out as more modern. Other ways you can experiment are with your belt, with high rise pants, or by rolling up your sleeves.

With Chinos

Gray t-shirt, beige chinos, mac
The Brdlwk

Chinos go well with gray t-shirts for all the same reasons that jeans do. They’re a perfect type of pants to go with a casual piece like a t-shirt. Again, you have a lot of flexibility for colors. Beige and navy chinos go great with gray t-shirts. But many other shades will work too.

Gray T-Shirt FAQ

What Color Pants Go With a Gray T-Shirt?

As a neutral color, gray t-shirts go with many colors pants. I often wear mine with blue, black, beige, and navy pants. You can even wear with them gray pants as long as the shade is slightly different.

Does Gray Go With Light Jeans?

Gray goes with both light and dark jeans. I especially like to wear light gray t-shirts with jeans in lighter shades. You can see an example in the first image above.

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