What to Wear with Green Pants? Men’s Outfits For A Tricky Color Choice

An underrated and stylish choice of pants color.

Despite being an incredibly versatile color, green is often not the first color choice when it comes to pants.

Olive green is perhaps the most common shade, while Gen-Z green has had it’s time in the limelight over the past season or two. But generally, navy, gray, off-white, and black are more common color choices for pants.

This is perhaps a shame. Green pants can be super stylish. They work with casual fits in forms such as combat pants or chinos, and you can even find smart slacks in multiple shades of green to stand out when suiting.

As you continue reading, you’ll find all the colors that complement different shades of green and an exciting outfit compilation to steal some inspiration. 

Let’s get right to it.

What Color Shirts Go with Green Pants?

With its soothing, cool undertones, green blends well with many other colors of the spectrum. Below you can find some of the best colors for shirts to go with green pants:


Neutral colors make a foolproof pair with all colors, and green is no exception. You can choose shirts in cream, beige, black, white, or brown for a calm, subdued look or neutralize a pair of bright green pants.

Warm Tones

Warm tones like red, orange, or yellow may not be among your first choices for green pants, but boy, do they look outstanding. The warm hues are balanced out by the cool undertones of green, creating a pair that stands out from all.

Cool Tones

Green itself belongs to the cool color family so pairing it up with other shades of the family, like blue or purple, is a good idea. A denim button-down or navy blue shirt looks uber chic with dark green pants. Green over green is never a fail, either. 

Besides neutrals, shirts in cool colors are a great choice when you want to play safe.

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8 Best Green Pants Outfit Combinations For Men

Dark green pants with a casual jacket

Green pants brown sweater

Muted shades of green have a specific laidback element, which you can further emphasize by pairing them with neutral colors. The outfit in the image above features a foolproof combination of deep army green pants teamed up with a brown crew neck shirt topped with an oversized beige shacket

Mint Green Denim with a Wool Overcoat

Light green jeans and green coat

This one’s a fashion meets comfort outfit featuring a pair of mint green pants with a dark green coat, making a remarkable statement. Go for streamlined and well-tailored pieces to nudge the fit towards a classier end. Finish off the look with white sneakers for a smart and easygoing fit. 

Emerald pants and jacket with a blue polo

Green suit

With the effortless fusion of their cool tones, navy blue and green make a stunning combination. In the above image, the navy blue polo serves to steer the look away from polished to playful – something that’ll suit the off-duty affairs. The look is completed with a pair of white sneakers that add a fresh, contemporary flair to the outfit.

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Light Green Pants with a Purple Jacket

Green pants and purple jacket

Purple and green – a pair that’ll hardly cross your mind when styling green pants. But the image above clearly shows you need to catch up on an exquisite combo. Lock down a purple button shirt or jumper with green pants for a modern, sleek look. The trick is to match the right tones of both shades, and you’ll nail the look like a fashionista in no time.

Green Pants With a Gray Trucker Jacket

Green pants with gray jacket

The color play between the neutral and cool tones of grey and green exudes sophistication. The grey jacket in the outfit above tames the loud and flashy neon green pants, introducing a citified flavor to the otherwise showy look. Finish off with grey sneakers/footwear to tie the outfit together. 

Green Joggers With an Orange Sweater

Green pants bright orange

Green and orange are complementary colors, and pairing the right shades of both can make quite an eye-catching combo. Case in point: The burnt orange sweatshirt fuses wonderfully with the cool hues of bright green pants. The white sneakers work to balance the brightness and create a look that’s fun, casual, yet stylistically on fleek.

Green Matching Sets

Green casual suit

Find a matching separate for your green pants for a put-together and refined look. Try matching sets in unusual shades like lime green or mint to stand out from the crowd. Case in point: The loosely tailored lime green matching set is perfectly balanced by the white button shirt underneath. Black shoes are a smart choice to marry off the jazzy element of the fit with the elegance of the shoes.

Dark Green Pants With Yellow Highlights

Green pants and gray sweater

Dark green tailored slacks can help you create a super sophisticated smart outfit. The white and black seen on the jacket and sweater in the above image would work on their own, but the fit is taken up a notch thanks to the yellow highlights of the image on the sweater and the yellow shirt collar.

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