What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans? 9 Stylish Outfits for Guys

One of the trickier fashion challenges.

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Light blue jeans are a style challenge. Get the fit right and pair them with something cool and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a summer day. Take a wrong turn, however, and you risk looking like your dad when he brings out an old pair to do the gardening.

In this article, we’ll look at everything guys should know about wearing light wash denim, as well as show some example outfits.

Outfit Ideas for Light Blue Jeans
Outfit Ideas for Light Blue Jeans

How to Wear Light Blue Jeans?

The key with light blue jeans—and light wash jeans in general—is to not get too ambitious. Stick to wearing them with casual outfits, rather than dressing them up. Leave blazers, shirts, and shoes for your darker denim or chinos.

Light colors are typically most popular during the warmer months, and the same is true with denim. Summer and spring is the perfect time to wear these jeans. In fact, I think my favorite way to wear light blue jeans is also the most simple, just pair them with a t-shirt, canvas shoes, and a casual jacket if necessary.

What Color Shirt Goes With Light Blue Jeans?

When it comes to your upper half, you have less room for maneuver with light denim than dark. You want to stick to lighter shades; a white shirt is a classic look, but you can also choose greys, olives, and shades of pastel. Also, don’t be afraid of a bit of color. Lighter denim can be particularly forgiving of brighter hues and we’ve seen great outfits that prove this theory.

What Shoes to Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

Your safest bet when it comes to shoes is sneakers and canvas shoes. Keep the colors light like the denim: think white or pastel colors rather than black. If you want to go a little smarter you do have options. Suede shoes (or even boots) in lighter shades are a good place to start.

If you really want to push things, you may get away with light brown derby shoes or brogues. Can you wear black shoes or boots with light blue jeans? I would never tell you not to wear something if it looks good, but you’ll be taking a huge risk. Better ensure the rest of your outfit is on point.

9 Light Blue Jeans Outfits for Men

Outfit 1: With Canvas Sneakers and a Striped Breton Shirt

Light wash jeans with striped Breton shirt
J Crew

Why it Works: This is a classic light blue jeans outfit. The striped Breton shirt is light enough to not clash with the jeans, while the stripes keep the outfit from being boring. The shoes and the yellow laces adds a little bit of color to the ensemble.

Shop the outfit above at J Crew

Outfit 2: With a Grey Jumper and Brown Suede Shoes

Light Wash Jeans with a grey jumper and brown suede shoes

Why it Works: The shoes are the standout feature of this outfit. The derby shape is quite dressy, but the light brown color and suede material means they come accross as quite casual. The grey jumper is perfect for warm weather and goes well with the lighter jeans.

Shop the above outfit at Bonobos

Outfit 3: With a White Jumper and Brown Casual Shoes

Light wash jeans with a white jumper and brown casual shoes

Why it Works: White jumper and light jeans is a simple combination that always works. This outfit gets its edge from the quite aggressive fade and tears on the jeans, and the color of the shoes. This brown is almost too much, but the on-trend wallabee style and suede material ensures it works.

Shop the above outfit at Uniqlo

Outfit 4: With a White T-Shirt and Black Canvas Shoes

Light blue jeans with a white t-shirt and black canvas sneakers
Urban Outfitters

Why it Works: We mentioned above that dark shoes typically don’t work with lighter jeans. However, these do as the white sole, laces, and embellishments mean they aren’t too dark. They work in a similar way to the striped Breton shirt in outfit one. The oversized fit t-shirt keeps the outfit casual, and the black logo/white shirt combination fits well with the black and white design of the shoes.

Shop the above outfit at Urban Outfitters

Outfit 5: With a Light Shirt, Denim Jacket, and White Sneakers

Light blue jeans with white shirt and denim jacket

Why it Works: Double denim can be dangerous with lighter shades of jeans. It works in this outfit as the color of the jacket is darker than the very light wash of the jeans. The denim is also broken up nicely by the white sweater underneath. The plain white sneakers are low-key and ensure the focus of the outfit is on the denim jacket.

Shop the above outfit at Gap

Outfit 6: With a Pastel Shirt and White Sneakers

Light blue jeans with a casual shirt and white sneakers
Urban Outfitters

Why it Works: The yellow pastel shirt with sky blue pattern in this outfit is the perfect color pairing for light jeans. The chunky white sneakers work well with the overall baggier fit. Meanwhile, the white color keeps them low-key and ensures the focus is on the shirt and the fit.

Shop the above outfit at Urban Outfitters

Outfit 7: With a Check Shirt and Brown Leather Shoes

Light wash jeans with a check shirt and brown shoes
Ralph Lauren

Why it Works: The brown leather shoes are the standout part of this outfit. They work as the colors in the rest of the outfit are pretty low-key. The formal shoes are matched with a smart shirt. While there is a check pattern on the shirt, it is kept low-key which ensures it isn’t fighting with the shoes for attention. Despite the shirt and shoes, the model keeps things casual by rolling up the sleeves and pant hems.

Shop the above outfit at Ralph Lauren

Outfit 8: With a Grey Pattern Jumper and White Sneakers

Light blue jeans with a grey pattern jumper and sneakers
American Eagle

Why it Works: The vertical stripes are the main feature of this outfit. While the stripes are dark the background is light grey which works well with the skinny jeans. The white sneakers are the perfect addition to this outfit. Meanwhile, the ripped jeans ensure that the vertical stripes aren’t the only feature.

Shop the above outfit at American Eagle

Outfit 9: With a Plain T-Shirt and Canvas Sneakers

Light blue jeans with a plain tshirt and canvas sneakers
Ralph Lauren

Why it Works: Back to keeping things simple with an outfit that shows all the basic rules of wearing light blue jeans. By keeping the color of the sneakers and t-shirt light, the model has a good looking template that can be worn again and again. At least, until the weather starts to cool.

Shop the above outfit at Ralph Lauren

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