White Lines is the Perfect Showcase for Great Sunglasses

When in Ibiza, wear great shades.

Netflix’s new murder mystery White Lines sees the characters displaced from rainy Manchester to the endless sunshine of clubbing paradise Ibiza. The show is a showcase for summer fashion including out there shirts, sexy swimwear, and a ton of great shades.

There are so many sunglasses in White Lines that it is pretty much impossible to keep track of them all. They range from oversized aviators, clubmasters, John Lennon-esque metal rim shades, and plenty more. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of our favorites.

White Lines Sunglasses: The Best Pairs

Zoe Walker: Mykita Aluki


Manchester born Zoe Walker is the star of the show as she hunts down the people who killed her brother. She also rocks some great looking shades. We’re pretty sure that she wears Mykita Aluki sunglasses as they have the same shape, color, square detail on the temple, and metal/acetate combination hinge. You can check the sunglasses out on the Mykita Website by clicking here.


Oriol Calafat Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster


In White Lines, Oriol Calafat is the owner of Ibiza’s biggest clubs. It is perhaps no surprise then that he wears what appears to be a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. The glasses have the same shape, design, and details on the temple as the Ray-Ban classic, so we are pretty confident that these are the shades he is wearing. Check out Ray-Ban Clubmasters on Amazon here.

Duarte “Boxer” Silva Sunglasses: Blue Lens Aviators


The sunglasses Boxer wears in the show are a really nice pair of aviators with a distinctive blue lens. They also have quite a round shape which we quite like. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact glasses the character wears. If you want some inspiration, check out our article on aviator sunglasses as many brands make a similar shape with a blue lens. We will update this article when we discover the exact shades. Leave us a comment if you have any ideas.

Marcus Ward Sunglasses: Acetate Aviators


Marcus Ward’s sunglasses were hard to place as while they look great they don’t have any particular details that stand out. The good news is that plenty of brands make acetate Havana/tortoiseshell aviators. In fact, the creator of White Lines is Alexa Pina, who is also behind the show Money Heist. That show teamed up with Persol to create shades for one of the characters that have a lot of similarities with the ones worn by Marcus Ward. Check them out in this article.

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