Winter Fashion for Men: 10 Stylish Trends to Rock this Year

The most exciting time of year for fashion.

Winter is here. While much of the world is lamenting the cold weather and dark, short days, fashion-people know that this is the most exciting time of year.

It’s when you bust out all the biggest and best pieces in your wardrobe. Big coats? check. Tons of accessories? check. Thick boots and knits? Check. Tons of layering? Check.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top winter fashion for men. We’ve got plenty of classics, as well as some items that we reckon are only going to grow in popularity over the next year or so.

Winter Fashion for Men: 10 On-Trend Essentials

Thick Down Coats

Down Coat
The Brdwlk

This is the one item that, assuming you live somewhere with cold winters, you can’t live without. They’ll keep you warm and dry and, in many cases, look good while doing so. But practical doesn’t always mean boring—and there there are plenty of interesting ways to wear these coats.

I like ones with minimalist designs and clean lines, like the Uniqlo Parka I discuss in this article. Quilted coats is another trend I like and these offer plenty of opportunities to pick one stuffed with warm down feathers.

For a more out-there take on the style, look for corduroy puffer jackets. These have the same shape as regular ones but with the corduroy bringing a completely different texture and look to the table.


Brown Cardigan Flannel Shirt
The Brdwlk

Cardigans seemed to loose favor in the fashion world for what seemed like the longest time. I don’t think I wore one from about 2009 until last year. But cardigans are everywhere at the moment. And it makes a lot of sense. These are super warm and a great way to add an extra layer to your outfit. I like thick oversized cardigans that you can wear open. Especially those in neutral colors like brown. I also like some of the crew neck style cardigans with buttons that go all the way up your neck, rather than the low v-neck style you typically find on cardigans.

If you’re willing to experiment, there are options. Consider one made with fuzzy wool for a super soft textured design. Or choose one with a more out-there pattern or design.

Oversized Tailoring


Oversized tailoring isn’t a winter trend per-se, but it does have one huge advantage in winter that you don’t get in other seasons—it’s perfect for wearing other layers. An oversized suit jacket, for example, can easily be worn over a sweater or a cardigan in a way that just won’t work with a slim-fit blazer. These items also work well with some of the traditional winter classics. For example, oversized trousers pair with chunky winter boots far better than slim-fitting pants do.

Oversized tailoring works well in casual settings when done right. This opens you up to experimenting with colors you wouldn’t necessarily normally go with for tailoring. For example, the mid-green in the below blazer from Zara.

Wool Coat

Camel wool coat turtleneck
By Taras Chernus

Wool coats are a classic in winter. They keep you warm while providing a suave look it’s harder to get with a puffer jacket. And while they might not be quite as warm as a down stuffed coat, a thick wool jacket will often be more than enough to keep the chill at bay. Personally, I like my wool coats long and with a big collar, it’s the perfect style for keeping the cold out from your knees to your neck. But shorter style like peacoats are always popular too.

Classic colors like gray, camel, black, and navy will always be popular. But checks, patterns, and brighter colors will help your coat stand out.

Flannel shirts

Asymmetrical flannel shirt
The Brdwlk

Like cardigans, flannel is another type of item that disappeared for the longest time, only to regain popularity over the last year or so. And also like cardigans, I’m here to welcome it with open arms. Flannel is thick, warm, and casual without being sloppy. You can also buy versions in plenty of colors, patterns, and styles that you simply don’t get with other types of shirts.

My favorite next-level flannel trend is looking for deconstructed versions of the style. Anything with asymmetrical patterns or patchwork is a go in my book. The great thing about this type of style is that the contrast can either really subtle to add a slight area of interest to a toned-down outfit, or really in-your-face if you’d rather make the shirt a statement piece.

Wool Pants

Chunky Turtleneck Sweater Thick Pants
By David Suarez

Pants in winter are much the same as pants in summer, just thicker. When it comes to smart pants or slacks this means looking for thicker versions made from wool. These are still smart while offering significantly more warmth.

There’s plenty you can do to keep these types of pants interesting. Pleats, wide fits, high waists, and cropped legs are all styles that will make your pants stand out.

Functional Pants

The other big pants trend is functional pants. These are pants that prioritize comfort and convenience over style. Of course, the best ones do this in a way that means you’ll still be looking stylish.

There are many types of pants that fit this description. The two I like the most are combat or work pants with plenty of pockets and sweatpants made of super-warm fleece-like material.



I always struggle with headwear. Maybe it’s the shape of my head, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m simply not used to wearing it. Either way, I feel awkward whenever I put on a hat. Except, that is, when it comes to the humble beanie. A bobbleless wooly hat is everything I want: practical, subtle, and a shape the moulds to your head rather than adding to it.

It brings me great pleasure then, to announce that beanies are still going to be the winter hat of choice for many. I’m already considering which one to get this year. I love the subtle colors of the one from the Uniqlo X JWAnderson collection.

Sweater Vest

Sweater vest and shirt
By Thirdman Pexels

Sweater vests are a type of knit that I think deserves a category of its own. This is a type of sweater that has been derided for years. But like with all things in fashion, what goes around comes around, and sweater vests are seeing a marked increase in popularity.

Choosing to wear a sweater vest isn’t a time for subtlety. My favorites are ones with retro-style patterns. These embrace the item’s outdated reputation while proving that they can be used in modern outfits. I’m looking for items in stripes, fair isle knit, argyle patterns: basically anything that would fit well in a 70s period show.

When it comes to wearing these outfits, the obvious choice is over a shirt. Maybe even throw on a deconstructed blazer over the top. Other options include wearing them over a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Chunky Boots

Chunky Boots and Beige Overcoat
By Ron Lach

Boots are always popular in winter, and chunky boots have been especially prominent over the last few years. These are great because they are often warm, waterproof, and stylish. The style of the boot doesn’t particularly matter. You can find chunky boots in styles ranging from work boots to Chelsea boots. The most important think is that the pair keeping you warm and making your outfit look cool.

One chunky boot-related micro-trend I really like is the popularity of thick soles. The boots themselves may or may not be thick and oversized, but the sole is definitely thicker than normal. I think this is a great way to make your outfit stand out and, from a practical standpoint, they look like a sturdy base to navigate icy roads.

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