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The Boardwalk is a newsletter and men’s fashion blog that aims to help men dress better while making fashion content fun. We’re known for delivering style inspiration to over 40,000 monthly readers through style advice, trend breakdowns, and buying guides. Our ultimate aim is to become the web’s leading destination for men looking to dress better and learn about fashion.

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Our Story

The Boardwalk was created in 2019 with the goal of becoming a place were people interested in men’s style and fashion could read interesting articles with a personal point of view.

Most of our articles are written from the first person. This is because we believe that with a subjective subject like style, it’s always more interesting to hear personal stories and points-of-view than generic advice.

The Boardwalk is an indie publication that has grown entirely via bootstrapping with no outside investment. It’s now grow into a website that reaches 40,000 people every month.

The Team

The website is independently run by Duncan Elder, a fashion writer who has spent the last 15 years cultivating his own sense of personal style, which lies between the cross section of mid-noughties indie and Uniqlo-inspired minimalism. You can contact him at via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Duncan’s content is supplemented by regular features from new writers. We are always happy to hear pitches about interesting stories with a unique point of view that will bring value to our reader’s days. To pitch on idea, or contact us for press, collaborations, or advertising, do so via the links above. Twitter or LinkedIn will typically generate the fastest response.

You can also find out more out more about Duncan at his personal website.

Affiliate Disclosure

As with many other free-to-read sites, The Boardwalk makes money through the use of affiliate links. This means we may receive a commission from retailers when you click on some of our links and end up buying a product on the site. This comes at no extra cost to you. It also doesn’t affect the products we link to or recommend. We only ever link to stuff we love, whether it is an affiliate or not. To ensure complete clarity, we always make it clear when a page on our site includes affiliate links.